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Gustavo Alvarez

Chris is very well educated in the materials taught in class.  Super easy and fun instructor to have in this course.  I hope everyone who comes to take this class gets a teacher like Chris!

More kind words from past students

"Chris gave us a lot of very useful information but kept the class fun."

Darius Jones

"Learned a lot. Great instructor!"

Jose Guerrero

"I looked forward to coming to class each day and I feel more prepared than ever to be successful in the field!"

Jeff Allen

"Instructor was very knowledgeable, able to relate to each student’s needs and backgrounds to help with future real world applications."

Lanae Des Rosier

"Awesome job! Really enjoyed the class."

Theodore Stelter

"The class and instructor encouraged student interaction in a way that made learning easy and enjoyable. "

Michael Brooking

"I really enjoyed repeated efforts to make sure all questions were answered."

John Blackburn

"Chris is obviously highly experienced in the real works application of his course subject and provides a comfortable setting and tone to help absorb the material."

Beau Sibley

Todd Longley
H&L Restoration

This is hands down the best course I have ever taken!  I am sending two of my employees to his class.  I will be back for other classes.  Thank you!

"Chris was very friendly and relatable. He somehow managed to make sitting in the class room all day enjoyable."

Casey Gray

"Very detailed and engaging instructor.  Organized and well versed in the field."

Daniel Fell, J.S. Held

"The instructor was very helpful, arguably the best I have ever had."

David Valles

"Very detailed and informative, good preparation for the field. I enjoyed the amount of knowledge the instructor has in the business."

Daniel Bocanegra

"I’ve been in the industry for a few months, it was cool that Chris was able to explain things into detail.  It allows for me to see the reasoning behind things."

Kyle Wilson

"I enjoyed understanding of the job, the scope of what is going to be expected by the boss, customers, and adjusters."

Roger Kress

"Chris was very good at explaining the course.  Absolute pleasure learning from a pro like Chris. Keep changing the industry for the better 1 class 1 person a at a time!  Great work!"

Chris Fletcher

"Very hands on and heavy participation allowed covering of real field knowledge as well as educational material."

Tamara Lewellyn

"Despite dense material covered and long days, Chris was engaging and entertaining throughout.  I’m impressed at his ability to cover the topics in such a way as to address beginners and experts alike.  Fantastic job!"

Whitney Reynolds

Chris’ knowledge is outstanding and always looking to provide the best for his students.  Thanks for your time and patience.


"Mr. Curto is off the chain!  Very excellent at explaining.  Started with a month of knowledge. Leaving here with a year of knowledge easy!!!

-Keep helping people, you’re a great representation of what I would like to become."

Randy Reyes

"Best instructor I have ever had!  Extreme professionalism. Hats off!"

Steve Balletta

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