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About us

The quality of training you get matters

In this competitive industry, having a higher-level of expertise in restoration and cleaning will set you apart from your competitors.


ARK Education courses are designed to give you a rich understanding of not only the process to restore after a disaster, but the nuances of the science that dictate what is needed to restore a home back to the way it was before an incident. As a business owner Chris has unique insights ranging on how to document the workflow to even how to communicate with the customer. Most importantly you leave well prepared to take the IICRC exam.

You don’t have to travel, be away from your family for an extended time and jump through the hoops usually required to attend an in-person course.


Imagine walking away qualified and ready for the exam after taking the online training from the comfort of your home or in the conference room. 

As an added bonus ...

Chris teaching on Zoom

Chris’ experience in both water damage restoration and mold remediation, along with construction, and being a business owner, gives him a full-spectrum, balanced approach. He has a unique perspective having performed restoration services before and after the IICRC S500  Water Damage Restoration Standard.


He can share the value of understanding and following such an important industry document. As a restoration business owner, he can offer guidance when the job seems to run contrary to the industry accepted standard of care.


Being passionate about education, he offers a fully comprehensive class with real-world experience in a relaxed environment.


He has trained technicians, adjusters, project managers, owners, indoor environmental specialists, lawyers, sales reps, estimators, and administrators, guaranteeing that even the seasoned veteran will learn a little something in class.

About Chris

ARK Offers

Multiple online and in-person courses that will qualify you for certification.

Consulting for specific needs or in sticky situations.

In person instruction available for businesses needing to train a group.

ARK Education is a school for restoration training, whether it be water damage, mold, cleaning, documentation, or even how to talk to the customer. You will find Chris’ 30 plus years of experience in the field give him a comprehensive, real world approach to his training. Chris has been teaching IICRC Live Stream Classes since they were first offered in April of 2020. 

About ARK Education

- David Willis

Absolutely wonderful, super helpful and it was a pleasure learning from Mr. Chris.

- Beau Sibley

Sibley Construction Services

Chris is obviously highly experienced in the real works application of his course subject and provides a comfortable setting and tone to help absorb the material.

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