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Do you need a lifeline?

Do you have specific needs? Do you need someone to call RIGHT NOW about the 4” of poop you are standing in? Not sure what the proper procedure is? Not sure how to write that bill? Having difficulty collecting your bill?


We’ve all been there and sometimes having an expert available to bounce a situation off can make all the difference. Whether you need a little help once a week or 3 times a day during that one troublesome job, we can figure out a solution that maximizes your profits and leaves you even better prepared for the next job. 

Are you looking for?

A refresher for your staff on the key points of Category or Class.


To get your guys trained, but are not sure you want to invest in a full 3-day class. 


A few pointers on how to properly run the equipment calculation would make all the difference on a job.


Some support in the technical aspects of a job.


I am here to help! I can write a specific training program for your unique needs. I’m available for everything from on-the-job training to a Zoom refresher.  


That Monday morning crew meeting on documentation, meters, safety, mold, odors, sewage, etc, doesn’t mean you need to hire an in house trainer.


Whatever your educational and training needs might be, in-person, via phone or Zoom, one time or multiple, I can help you with a solution. The schedule can get full quick, so I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Training tailored to meet your needs

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